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Children’s Grassroots Group

The grassroots groups mechanism is one of many ways CVT use in promoting the participation of children for fighting child rights at the community level. Grassroots groups members are children under 18. Those who graduated into the group (over 18 years old) and need to continue to support the group activities they become youth mentors.

How Many Children a Children Grassroots Groups have at Community level?

Number of children grassroots group members vary between 40 and 80 children.

How many children representatives a grassroots group have(Committee)?

Each children grassroots group is led by 6 children as members of the group committee. Including:

  • The President;
  • Vis-President;
  • Secretary;
  • In charge of Discipline;
  • Journalist;
  • And in charge of Entertainment.
  • National Coordination Committee:

CVT currently is working in 15 districts and each district has a child representative of other at district level (president under 18 years old) thus, 15 presidents attend the general assembly once per year. Those 15 are responsible for overseeing organization activities and their mandate is three years.

  • Association Committees at District levels:

A collection of grassroots groups at district level make what is an Association Committee. All children committees’ members from grassroots groups in each district where CVT operates meet at district and elect another committee of 6 children who are representatives of others at district level and their mandate is to monitor all grassroots groups activities in that district.

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