Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values

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Children’s Voice Today (CVT) is a Rwandan non-profit organization that was established since 2001 to promote the rights of the child through meaningful child participation, where children/youth initiate and lead all activities of the organization.

Children’s Voice Today (CVT) is an active member of both the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) and Rwanda Civil Society Child Rights Coalition “Umwana ku Isonga”.

Our Mission

CVT is committed to being the voice of Rwandan children, to empower them to advocate for their rights and to fight against poverty.

Our Vision

A child-friendly society whereby children are empowered to meaningfully participate in addressing issues affecting them and their voices are heard.

Our Goals

  • Empowering Children to claim their rights through capacity building interventions and lead/demonstrate actions to implement them;
  • Building a child-friendly community by providing the right information about children’s rights and provide space for participation;
  • Strengthening networking and solidarity among the children and with other stakeholders within and outside the country;
  • We want a society where children live free from fear, neglect, abuse, exploitation and any form of violence including physical and mental violence.

Our Values

Our values are to promote:

  • Best Interest of the child;
  • Child participation;
  • Non-discrimination;
  • Survival and development of the child.