Children’s Views on the National Budget of the 2018/2019 Fiscal Year

Children’s Views on the National Budget of the 2018/2019 Fiscal Year

Views shared by children in consultation meeting of District planning and budgeting process in Burera, Ruhango and Kirehe Districts 2018/2019:

Burera District
No Views shared by children Observation referring to the approved Budget 2018/2019 Budget allocated
1 Food security Taken 1,000,000
2 Agriculture transformation by using selected seeds Taken 255,523,413
3 Livestock transformation/Veterinary services Not taken
4 Increasing milk collection centers (MCCs) Taken Not determined
5 Gutera “ubwatsi bw’amatungo” Not taken
6 Expansion of electric power in communities Taken 86,000,000
7 Roads’ construction &maintenance Taken 171,000,000
8 Construction of Nyagatoki bridge in Nkenke Cell (Kinoni Sector) Taken 114,000,000
9 Protection of environment &”Kongera ibicanwa” Not taken
10 Anti-erosive control Taken 39,614,632
11 Promoting collective investment Not taken
12 Promoting saving culture Not taken
13 Job creation (Kwihangira imirimo) Taken 2,000,000
14 Increasing loans for youth income generating projects Not taken
15 Construction of a modern market in Kagogo Sector Not taken
16 Reintegration of children who dropped out Not taken
17 Promoting youth &adult literacy Taken 200,000
18 Construction of refectories in schools Not taken
19 Increasing ICT equipments in schools Not taken
20 Increasing drinking water in schools Not taken
21 Expansion of electric power in schools Not taken
22 Maintaining the existing school infrastructures Not taken
23 Increasing TVETs and VCTs schools Not taken
24 Construction of nursery & 12 YBE schools Taken 136,000,000
25 Promoting facilities for children with disabilities in schools Not taken
26 Ensuring Mutuelles de santé for poor households Taken Not determined
28 “Uturima tw’igikoni” Not taken
29 Improving hygiene and sanitation services Taken 6,000,000
30 Increasing hospitals, health centers and postes de santé Taken 46,000,000
31 Family planning Not taken
32 Extension of drinking water in communities Taken 78,0000,000
33 Family promotion Taken 3,000,000
34 Gufasha abatishoboye Taken 2,613,537,097
34 Fighting against the worst forms of child labor Not taken
36 Helping& protecting people with disabilities Not taken
37 Fighting against malnutrition Taken 6,500,00
38 Fighting against corruption Taken Not determined
39 Solving people’s complaints Taken 200,000
40 Maintaining security Taken 30,000,000
41 Birth registration Taken 100,000
42 Service delivery Taken Not determined
43 Promoting sports & culture Taken 3,700,000
44 Increasing sports facilities (Sports fields…) Not taken
45 Construction of “ikigo ngororamuco” Not taken
46 Fighting against Drug abuse Not taken
  Total taken 23/46  
Kirehe District:
No Views shared Observation referring to the approved Budget 2018/2019 Budget allocated
1 Maintenance and construction of roads Taken 1,315,039,400
2 To increase the household access to electricity Taken 209,660,940
3 Construction of new schools Taken 267,919,900
4 To initiate akagoroba k’abana Not taken
5 To increase industries in Kirehe District Not taken
6 To construct Health Centers Taken 644,700,000
7 To create new Jobs for youth Taken 6,000,0000
8 To improve rural water Taken 475,914,938
9 To increase books at schools Not taken
10 Prevention of disaster risks Taken 5,000,000
11 To increase sports activities Taken 60,000,000
12 To construct Science laboratories at Schools Not taken
13 To improve internet connectivity at schools Taken 1,880,000
14 To resolve the problem of street children Not taken
15 To improve school feeding program Taken 191,729,473
16 To improve children’s nutrition Taken 6,600,000
17 To increase awareness on family planning Taken 38,291,849
18 To increase irrigation systems Taken 40,000,000
19 To buy Health Insurances to vulnerable families Taken 1,170,00
20 The lack of Ambulance in Mahama Health center Not taken
  Total taken 14/20  
Ruhango District:
No Views shared Observation referring to the approved Budget 2018/2019 Budget allocated
1 Food security Taken 107,410,705
2 Making available “Imbuto y’imyumbati” in Kinazi Sector, Burima Cell Not taken
3 Expansion of electric power in communities Taken 63,376,343
4 Road construction and maintenance (Bweramana_Ruhango-Gitwe-Kirinda) Taken 1,212,853,297
5 Promoting saving culture Not taken
6 Awareness raising session in doing business Not taken
7 Increasing capacity of libraries in schools, in terms of building & books (E.g: GS Mwendo) Not taken
8 Improving the health care insurance mode of functioning (Mutuelles de sante) Not taken
9 Extension of drinking water in communities, especially in Mwendo, Mbuye and Kabagari Taken 140,088,828
10 Helping& protecting vulnerable people, especially PWDs and orphans Taken 426,567,000
11 Fighting against malnutrition Taken 30,086,227
12 Fighting corruption Not taken
13 Maintaining security by empowering night patrols (Amarond) Not taken
14 Review targeting procedure in Ubudehe categorization &implementation Not taken
15 Promoting sports and culture Taken 270,000
16 Increasing sports facilities (sports fields,) especially for children and other PWDs Not taken
  Total taken 7/16  

Among 41 views shared by children in the budget consultations sessions in Burera, Kirehe and Ruhango district, 29 Issues were considered in the 2018/2019 budget in those three districts.

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