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What do we do for the children?

We are committed to being the voice of Rwandan children, to empower them to advocate for their rights and to fight against poverty.

Child participation is the foundation of our work. Children are denied their rights, simply because of they are children or where they are from.

We believe that it’s more effective to involve children in promoting their rights.

Children’s Voice Today work improves children’s lives in Rwanda. We work closely with parents, local leaders, and the community-based child and family protection group of volunteers known as Inshuti z’Umuryango (IZU)/Friends of the Family through Children’s Grassroots Groups to help children to achieve their full potential by ensuring they grow up healthy, receive a good education, and stay safe.

In fact,

  • We advocate their issues;
  • We inspire them;
  • We support their initiatives;
  • We listen to children and learn from them;
  • We help them to have hope and opportunities;
  • We provide them with information and emotional support.