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Ways You Can Make a Difference in Your Family/Community:

1. Volunteer

Volunteering in the local organization like us is a great way to give back to your community. You can contact organizations you’re interested in helping out to be put in touch with their local team.

2. Become a Mentor

Become a mentor to someone who would benefit from your skills, knowledge, and experience. Children need a consistent mentor in their lives from adults. They need your mothership in their daily life in order to become adults we want. Meet/Learn More about our Youth Mentors.

3. Attend Community Meetings

Community meetings are a great place to meet people from your neighbourhood while developing a deeper familiarity with that community. And it’s a great way to build feelings of belonging and ownership of the place you call home. And you never know, maybe you’ll discover a passion for local politics or activism along the way! Those meetings are strategic opportunity to identify and respond to different matters that affect children in day to day life.

4. Using media/social media for advocacy

Media provide powerful tools in the campaign to give children the right to express their views on matters that affect them. See how our young child rights activists use media to advocate for child rights.

5. Give A Moment

The simplest and the most valuable thing you can give to a child is time. Rather than brushing them off to make your way to the next tourist site, spend some time to ask them their names, what they like to do, or their favorite games.

6. Eat Together

If you’ve made a connection with a particular child, dining together is a great way to spend time with someone whilst letting them enjoy a warm meal. Research shows that eating as a family has great benefits for your children, try to eat at least one meal together every day.

8. Meet our Young Child Rights Activists

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