Our Strategy in Promoting Child Rights

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Children’s Voice Today creates children’s grassroots groups at the community level and empowers children to lead, learn, decide and implement their own activities that promote children’s rights.

Since 2001 we have put a lot of time and efforts into the promotion, protection, fulfillment, respect, and enjoyment of children’s rights in Rwanda.

We organize trainings, workshops, press conferences, roundtable discussions, campaigns, exhibitions, study tours, Radio and TV shows to advocate children’s issues and to empower them to advocate their challenges on their own.

What do we believe about children?

We Believe That:

  • Every child can learn and has the right to education;
  • They want to be heard, be seen, feel love, and experience joy;
  • They are naturally good people, honest and innocent;
  • They need diverse experiences to broaden their minds to what’s possible;
  • Children often ask about how to deal with issues that affect them, which will in return make them exceptional adults;
  • They speak their truths and observe everything, which makes them natural learners;
  • They are vulnerable, and highly impressionable and are often shaped by what they see, hear, and experience;
  • All children with disabilities and children with special needs can do more when they obtain possible opportunities to achieve their potential.

What’s Special with Us?

Children’s Rights; Advocacy; Project Management;
Children Participation; Community Development; Policy Analysis;
Child Empowerment; Community Capacity Building; Strategic Communication.

Parents, especially mothers are often the primary caregivers and know what their families need most to succeed. Our programs are designed in true partnership with children themselves, the mothers and the community-based child and family protection group of volunteers known as Inshuti z’Umuryango (IZU)/Friends of the Family, encouraging them to participate in defining benefits and services for the children.