• Children become the eye and the voice of other children who may face any violence or who may be at high risk

  • Awareness raising around Child participation and Child protection

  • Capacity building of children and youth to become good advocates for the rights of the child

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CVT promotes and protects children's rights

Children's voice today

The Association of Working ChildRen and Youth (Association des Enfants et Jeunes Travailleurs, AEJT). Set up in 2001, AEJT Rwanda operates in five districts across the country, comprising children grassroots groups and more than 2800 members. We know that children are vulnerable but children with support from the youth are turned into child rights activists instead of looking themselves always as the victims.

CVT'S Aims

The aim of the Association is to promote and protect children’s rights using a variety of strategies, including: The objectives and goals of the Organisation shall be:
- To defend the rights of children in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as the African Charter on the rights and wellfare of the child,
- To fight and prevent against the worst forms of labor of children and the youth,
- To train children and Youth on Civic education
- To make awareness and to promote the rights of the child
- To fight against any form of violence made to the children and youth
- To promote child participation in decision-making
- To sensitize children and youth to protect themselves and fight against epidemic diseases Including the HIV/AIDS

To achieve these objectives, there is a need for AEJT RWANDA to:
- Organize and to give several trainings
-Advocacy rising at all levels
-Collaborate with institutions, both national and foreign
- Use available talents